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Vowel's top 10 features of 2022

AUTHOR: The Vowel Team

2022 has been full of milestones for the team here at Vowel, including launching out of beta, gaining thousands of new users, and winning Product Hunt's Product of the Day (twice!).

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 features we shipped to make your meetings better:

10. Dial-in - It's true: you can now dial into a Vowel meeting from your mobile device if you're in the US or Canada. Discover dial-in >

9. New Browser Extension - Install the new extension to schedule unique Vowel meetings and replace existing conferencing details in a calendar event. You can also now use it in Safari! Set it up >

8. Multiple transcription languages - From Spanish to Chinese, Vowel can transcribe meetings in 9 languages (+ 4 dialects of English). Learn more >

7. Comment history - Comments now appear in a more chat-like thread when you click the comment button in the bottom menu. Y’all were asking for this! Get commenting >

6. Bookmarks - Mark important meeting moments as they happen so you can quickly find them later (or share a time-stamped link). See how it works >

5. Agenda timers - Prevent meetings that drag on by typing /timer in your shared notes and choosing a time limit for each topic. We use this feature ALL the time at Vowel. Start a timer >

4. Past meeting notes - Quickly pull up past notes and action items while in a current meeting, so nothing falls through the cracks. Unlock more productivity >

3. Meeting recaps - View an instant summary of your meeting as soon as you hang up, including attendees, action items, and shared links. Check out meeting recaps >

2. Clips - Create, share, and save clips from meetings to provide context into decisions, bugs, or customer insights. Start clipping >

1. Mobile app - Attend Vowel meetings on the go and have a great experience! Join the discussion, transcribe, record, and view shared notes. Get the app >

There's much more to build in 2023 — email us your feedback at any time or check out what we're working on here.

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