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What's new in Vowel: Spring 2022

AUTHOR: The Vowel Team
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Meeting transcription is a big reason why people love Vowel (and want to try it). So we kicked off the new season with improvements to our live transcription — let's start there!

Better live transcription - With improvements to Vowel's transcription service, you'll notice meeting transcripts are more accurate, with better word recognition.

SOC2 Type II compliance - Vowel is now SOC2 Type II compliant, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to security practices. Learn more on our security page.

Custom emoji (+ add emojis to notes) - You and your team can now upload custom emojis to your Vowel workspace and use them as reactions in all your meetings. Go to your workspace settings, click custom emoji, and add the file you want. These emojis will then show up at the bottom of your emoji menu in-meeting. You can also use any emoji in the shared notes panel by typing : and the emoji name. 😁

CleanShot 2022-06-02 at 16.59.42@2x.png

Video stays on when you screen-share - Your video now stays on in the bottom-right corner when you screen-share — this means everyone in a meeting can see you when you present (if your camera is on).

"Start recording" notification - When all invited participants have joined a meeting, you'll see a new "Start recording" notification pop up to remind you to hit that recording button (remember: recording powers live transcription, too!).

Updated share modal - It's now easier to share meeting recordings and clips with specific people or add them to folders to stay organized. Go to the share button from your Recent folder to try it out.

New share modal.gif

A few other improvements and fixes:

  • Improved connection indicators to let you know when your wifi connection is unstable

  • Participant list sorted by talk time percentage in X-ray and summary views

  • A new "Back to top" button on mobile when you're scrolling a participant list

  • A new "Invite members" button in your Vowel dashboard header (so it's easier to invite teammates)

  • Guests have access to meetings (and are listed in the share menu). To learn more, see this help article.

  • Guest users can see avatar and name when hovering a line in notes

Coming soon:

  • Linkable bookmarks

  • Improved clip-sharing

  • Dial-in functionality

Thanks for reading!

- The Vowel Team

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